Monday, July 23, 2012


Most people can relate to this statement, "When I get home I am going on a serious diet!" This is most often said when on vacation, after consuming an extremely filling meal. Vacations usually come with the intentions of letting loose, eating things that you wouldn't normally eat at home, and perhaps taking one too many plates back from the buffet breakfast. And the last thing you want to do is hold back when eating abroad!
I mean come on, how can you resist this spread?! 

You can't, and that's why when you come home you have one mission: to lose that vacation weight! I've been there! I know! And its not fun. The last thing you want to do is worry about weight and eating when you are on any vacation, let alone your honeymoon!

Which is why I'm here. I just came home from a magical honeymoon in Thailand, Bali and Hong Kong. While there I ate the a lot of the local cuisine, which consisted of two dieters nightmares, noodles and rice! I ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and although I enjoyed myself I couldn't help but feel regret after every meal. By the last day I was miserable, I wanted to go home, eat healthy and hit the gym because i knew 100% that I had gained at least 5 pounds. 

But guess what, all anyone kept telling me was how great I looked, and when I stepped on the scale it was the same! And then I felt regret. Regret for all those fat thoughts that were ruining my amazing honeymoon in such a beautiful place. 
As a nutrition graduate I know a lot about what are the right things to eat when abroad, what are good combinations of foods to keep you fuller longer and insights into what you are actually eating! I love international cuisine and truly believe that anyone can go away on vacation, eat well and still get to enjoy the food. Because come on, every one knows that the #1 reason to travel is to eat the amazing food. :)