Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Markets Of Bangkok

A month since my last post! Oy vey. Grad school has officially taken over my life. :(
But i'm back and ready to talk!

So you've walked the streets, eaten the food and have seen the sights. Now what to do? 

Well go visit the floating markets of course! Which is basically a huge market that is on little boats in the water. You navigate the waters with your own boat going up and down "aisles" like on land! Its a crazy awesome experience. Just make sure you bring a lot of bug spray! Which I did not. I'd rather not relive that thank you. 

When floating along these canals you will be bombarded with people trying to sell you anything they can. Food and non food items alike. I am not one who is sold easily so I said a lot of No's :)

Chachkies everywhere!

Food wise there were a lot of fruits and vegetables being sold off of peoples little boats. It all looked fresh, they cut and serve it in a plastic bag for you, so I would definitely try it there. Can't go wrong with some fresh Thai mangoes! 
Or that red thing...fruit? Pepper? Who knows! Shes selling so you're buying!

There was also the questionable food items....

Any type of meat on a stick!! And when I say meat I don't mean chicken or fish. Try at your own risk! 

I am for sure not the most adventurous eater, I kind of like to play it safe. But when your tour guide/taxi driver decides to take you to the most authentic Thai soup spot in Bangkok you obviously say yes. Even though its about 150 degrees outside and the last thing you want to do is eat a hot soup on a boat with mosquitos everywhere with utensils washed in the river you are floating on....but I digress.

Thats our soup being prepared. With some water from the river. But you can't say no! Don't even try.

Hesitant? Me?

I dont want to talk about it.......

Just take me back to the hotel......