Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dinner and Markets

Shalom! The sun is setting, its almost dinner time here in Israel and this girl is hungry (shocking) so lets get to it! 

Dinner is NOT a heavy meal. A typical meal would consist of Schnitzel, lots of side salads, hummus tahini and lots of different freshly baked breads.

This my friends is a schnitzel

Deep fried chicken breast. Oh yes. Its greasy, its hot and it will shoot your cholesterol through the roof. But oh is it delicious! 

I would definitely suggest trying a bite or two just to say you've had it but other than that I wouldn't order it all for myself :) 

Stick to the nutritious and delicious cuisine of the Mediterranean! Fresh vegetables, salads, dairy, some whole wheat breads, grilled fish fresh from the sea!

My hubby enjoying some just caught fish, simply grilled

This is a typical dinner out, all these salads are given to you when you order your main meal.

You will notice a carrot salad, beet salad, hummus, pickles (they love their pickles) and fresh vegetable salads as well. It really is a healthy eaters paradise.....please don't mind the vodka, my family is Russian and we never leave home with out it! ;)

Here is another night out in Israel. The salads are typical to most restaurants.

Bottom line, eating out in Israel is not that much of a dieters downfall. There are plenty of options both healthy and unhealthy, you can always find something to eat whether you are a meat eater, vegetarian (hello falafel balls!) or vegan. The food is flavorful, fresh and abundant.

A must on any middle eastern journey is a trip to the market. Food and goods are sold in outside air markets and it is a must whenever you travel here. You will find things like meat, fish, dairy, breads, fresh fruits and vegetables.....

Challah challah!

Lots of candy and oh so many spices!

Just about anything a person would need! Brad? Is that you? 

You think he's collecting royalties?

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